IT Audit & Consulting

An optimization for a gain in productivity

The analysis of your computer park, hardware, applications and network, of its use by the end-users, of your stakes and your constraints, will allow us to redefine together your needs and to imagine new solutions.

Our advices for the optimization of your IT system are above all based on our knowledge, our experience, some common sense and logic. For the implementation of our recommendations, we relieve you of all the coordination tasks by ensuring the relations with the operators and service providers, so as to guarantee the final result without you being responsible for the latter.
The planning of the operations will be carried out in general out of production and at the end of the week in order to impact your activity as little as possible.

Computer assistance and maintenance

Supervision, prevention and attendance.

With Ability-Secure, you have the advantage of never finding yourself alone in front of a computer problem, whatever it is. Our team is highly qualified to solve hardware, network or security related problems. You have a technical assistance, documentation in all transparency with the engineering on site.

We are also available and equipped for remote control of your computer.

Our permanent monitoring allows us to prevent risks to your IT and our regular on-site visits guarantee that your system is always operational and up to date with the latest updates.

The implementation of monitoring systems recommended by us will also allow us to keep an eye on your infrastructure for a better reactivity.

IT project management

Optimize your time and resources?

The idea is not to entrust us with an IT project to be completed, but to provide you with visibility and relevant reflection on its purpose. Investing in you to understand your context, your problems and to know how to use your potential, it is in this spirit that ABILITY-SECURE conceives its mission of IT project manager.

Ability-Secure assists you in the delimitation of the project's specifications, we ensure its feasibility, its coherence and we assure the security and conformity aspects by advising you at all the phases of its progress. Our organization and our management methods allow us to plan your project with assiduity for a result corresponding to your expectations.

Design or evolution ?

Ability-Secure intervenes on any type of project:

  • server infrastructure design, new network design ;;
  • the implementation of backups ;
  • data migration;
  • deployment of solutions;
  • securing existing infrastructure;


Where do you stand in the face of new cyberattack threats?

Data theft, ransomware, hacking, email privacy breaches, spamming... it is clear that the IT security situation is only getting worse. And all companies are exposed, regardless of size or sector.

These recurring attacks have forced public authorities to legislate and impose rules. Today, a company manager is civilly (art.1242 of the civil code version 01/10/16) and criminally (art. 227-23 of the penal code) responsible for the activity of his employees via the company's network. If the cost of IT security is estimated between 5 and 10% of the total IT budget, it remains marginal compared to the consequences of a cyber attack on the company's activity.

Prevention is better than cure
Faced with the challenge that the security of IT systems represents for the company, Ability-Secure has set up a service dedicated to cybersecurity. A permanent watch and an active participation to security related events feed its expertise and give it a strong capacity of anticipation and reaction. As a software distributor and integrator, ABILITY-SECURE has the necessary means to counter the most complex attacks.
For us, as for you, staying one step ahead is the best strategy to face security threats.

Security of personal data

Protection and legal compliance of the company's data

May 2018: Are you ready for the new GDPR?
From the moment you process personal data or employ employees in the EU, the new European regulation through the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) concerns you. The law, which aims to strengthen the rights of European citizens, is intended to encourage companies to equip themselves with the means to protect the personal data they hold.

Services IT has set up a tailor-made organization to advise you and accompany you in your approach to protection and preservation of your company's interests.

Concerning the integrity of your data, Services IT has surrounded itself with legal experts to validate their compliance (conservation, deletion, traceability...). From human resources to marketing and IT, Services IT ensures the coordination between all your departments impacted by the new standards.

The RGPD comes into force on May 25, 2018 and non-compliance can lead to penalties of up to 4% of turnover, not to mention the damage...

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Anti-breakup plans

Nowadays, risk exposure spares no company and having the latest anti-virus is not enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

Beyond the loss of business, personal data, damages and prejudices following a cyber attack or a disaster, the company will also have to face its responsibilities with regard to the legislation. If no means have been implemented to respond to these situations, you risk losing everything.

Ability-Secure's approach consists in globally apprehending your network and detecting the flaws in order to anticipate and manage the most critical situations.

According to your stakes, we recommend the implementation of a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) which ensures you a service without interruption or a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) which allows you to restart your activity as soon as possible.

In the implementation stages, we carry out crash tests in order to reinforce the security of your data, which also allows us to commit ourselves to the time required to restore your system and recover your data.

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